ASB Motto and Mission:


“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ”
I Corinthians 11:1

Our mission as student leaders of CCHS, is to INSPIRE, IMPACT and INVOLVE our peers as we ENRICH student life through SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

Quick Facts about ASB:
ASB consists of four teams:
The Board of Directors:
The ASB Board of Directors is a group of 14 elected officers who meet weekly to produce the activities and events of CCHS.
The Leadership Teams:
The ASB Leadership Teams are a group of students who meet weekly with an ASB Board Member to complete a particular event, activity or school need. The teams are built on an interview process that occurs each May. Leadership Teams meet every Tuesday at lunch. The four leadership teams are:
* Publicity Team
* Media Team
* Pep and Spirit Team
* Design Team

Class Cabinet:
The ASB Cabinets are groups of students from each grade. Their main responsibilities are: working on homecoming floats, class fundraisers, pep rally signs, gaining class points and keeping up school spirit. The Cabinets meet bi-monthly in their class advisor's room.

How can I join ASB?:
The ASB Board of Directors and Leadership Teams have elections and interviews at the end of every school year. In May, look for postings and announcements for elections. Students can join Class Cabinets at any time during the school year. 

ASB Officers 2018-2019

ASB President: Max Coyne
ASB Vice President: Madison Dumas
ASB Director of Finance: David Schoening
ASB Director of Activities: PaetynStack
ASB Director of Public Relations: Livana Oweis
ASB Director of Publicity: Bri Estrada
ASB Director of Media: Elise Johnson
ASB Director of Pep: Jackson Njust
ASB Director of Spirit: Iman Mozaffarian
ASB Director of Design: Lucas Itoh
ASB Director of Facilities:  Gavin Price

Senior Class President: Graciela Orozco
Junior Class President: Elle Seres

Sophomore Class President: Maddie DeLeon
Freshmen Class President: 
Stephanie Lopez

ASB Advisor: Brittany Marano

ASB Administrator: Jason Huffman

        Design Advisor: Steve Willette

        Publicity Advisor: Tami McKweon

        Media Advisor: Bobby Brown

        Pep and Spirit Advisor: Bernie Francis

        Clubs Advisor: Susie Secondo

       Senior Class Advisor: Joel Lopez
       Junior Class Advisor: Hector Mora
       Sophomore Class Advisor: Jake Morphis
       Freshmen Class Advisor: Ben Blush

Need to Contact Us?:

Call us at: 714.662.7485
Mail us at: 3800 S. Fairview Road, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Email us at:
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Follow us on Twitter:  calvaryparents
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