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Pink Ribbon Club


The Pink Ribbon Club’s foundational goals are to increase teen awareness, provide community service hours, raise funds for cancer research, and create a space where students are safe to discuss relations with cancer and all different diseases. 

Mission Statement: 

The Pink Ribbon club Foundation serves to unite teens in the fight against cancer of all types, not just breast cancer. 


The first Pink Ribbon Club was founded at a university high school in Irvine. In 2002 by two sisters had a mother that was undergoing treatment for cancer. They found few sources of education, awareness, and support specifically supporting teen awareness of this lethal disease. Now in this year of 2020, there are numerous support groups and research programs pertaining to and addressing the teenage population when it comes to being aware of cancer and the people who suffer from this disease. 

How Can I Join: 

Meetings are every other Wednesday, in the club room and you can email any one of the contacts listed below during the school week and year. If you know anyone suffering from cancer email us anytime and we will pray for them. 

President: Krystal Chavez [email protected] 

Vice President:  Emma Clark [email protected] 

Club Advisors: Jenise Cutler-Boyd [email protected]