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CCS Parent Teacher Fellowship

Calvary Chapel Schools Parent Teacher Fellowship

I Corinthians 12:12-27

If you are a parent or guardian at Calvary Schools, you are a part of the PTF!

There are many fun and simple ways to be a part of the many great things that happen on our campus. Don’t be intimidated or worried! There is a place for everyone! We hope you join us!


Values: People. Growth. Collaboration. Leadership. Glorify God.


PTF Vision

  1. To engage in clear communication and build connectivity with parents, students, and staff.
  2. To equip a wide scope of parents of all schools desiring to lead and serve.
  3. To empower all stakeholders with a fun, healthy, united Calvary family.

PTF Mission: The Parent Teacher Fellowship will seek to support the mission of Calvary Chapel schools from the preschool thru high school by engaging, equipping, and empowering our students, staff, and families to serve and to lead in Christ and the world.


What does that look like?

Engagement: Connection, involvement, fellowship.

Equipping: Providing needs, fundraising, support, room moms 

Empowering: Prayer support, physical and spiritual encouragement, giving space for success


What do we already do?

Kids Korner
Teacher Appreciation Events 

Skate Parties/Chuck E. Cheese 

Candy Grams

Back to School Luncheon 

Room Mom Coordination 

Parent Devotions

Senior Events


PTF Executive Board: The “servants of all” on the board are equal in power and diverse in their roles and responsibilities. There are currently four board members.


President Kris Parker
Oversees meetings, oversees leadership team and representatives

VP Kattya Galan
Assists the president and connects with committees and oversees events 

Treasurer: Nancy Linnell
Manages budget and funds.

Secretary: Michelle King

Handles communication, minutes, and connection with room moms


(We are also hoping to have school, class and grade level representatives.)


We are interested in pursuing some of these areas of service/support:




New Families

Staff support 






Executive board meetings are monthly.
Quarterly PTF meetings are open for all parents or guardians to attend.

PTF does not create or enforce policies.