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International Students’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


International Students are a valued and respected part of Calvary Chapel Schools. International Students will be eligible to participate in the Associated Student Body and we are excited for the opportunity for growth on our campus. Most CCS International Students are from Asia. Students are mainstreamed in all classes, which are taught in English, accommodations may be provided in the area of ESL. 


  • Do I have to be proficient in English to attend Calvary Chapel Schools?
No, but it helps. All classes are taught in English. English language proficiency is one of the keys to academic success at Calvary Chapel Schools. If a student is able to successfully read, write, and speak in the English language, then they will be accepted as a traditional International Student. However, if they are not proficient in the English language, then they will be required to take the Eagle International Academy program (EIA). We encourage all incoming International Students to take our EIA program in order to succeed scholastically at CCS and to be well prepared for English-speaking colleges or universities. Some students who are accepted to CCS may be required to take the EIA program if their English speaking, reading and writing abilities are deemed to be too low for success in our regular classes. If you do not have any English language test scores, you will be required to take our EIA program for at least your first year at Calvary Chapel Schools. We suggest students take a TOEFL test for accurate evaluation of English speaking abilities. We partner with ITEP,  Another acceptable test is TOEFL Jr., or the ELTiS
  • Is there a deadline to apply?
Yes, the deadline to apply to Calvary Chapel Schools for the new school year is July 23, 2021. After that we will accept students on a rolling basis as long as there is space in our classes, so apply to CCS as soon as possible.
  • How do I obtain my student Visa?
Contact the United States embassy or consulate in your home country to set up an appointment for a Visa interview. For complete information on how to contact the United States Embassy and for information on getting your student Visa, go to the website and look for the information in the category labeled "F."
  • What if I get sick or have an accident? Does the school provide insurance?
All students, domestic and international, must provide their own insurance. The insurance you have in your home country will probably NOT cover you for sickness or accidents in the United States. The school can refer you to insurance agencies that specialize in international student insurance.
  • May I work while I am an international student at Calvary Chapel Schools?
NO! This is a violation of your status. The school does not offer Optional Practical Training (OPT).
  • Is there an application fee?
YES, there is a $150 non-refundable application fee.
  • What fees do I have to pay?
International student rates may be obtained on the International Student Tuition and Fees page. There is no refund of tuition or fees for any reason, except in the case that your US Visa is denied. 
  • When do I have to pay these fees?
Tuition and fees are paid before school starts. You may not start school until all tuition and fees are paid in full for the entire school year. Remember that there are no refunds of tuition or fees for any reason, except in the case that your US Visa is denied.
  • Does Calvary Chapel Schools arrange homestays for students?
No, however we do partner with several homestay agencies. You can contact us for more information. If you already have relatives or a trusted resident living close to Calvary Chapel Schools, please notify our office with the name, address and contact information of your chosen homestay so that we may contact them and confirm they meet our housing standards. CCS requires a Livescan to confirm the background of any homestay, and we will inspect any arrangements that students make. We retain the right to reject/change any homestay situation we do not find is in the best interest or safety of the student.
  • Does CCS provide transportation during the school week?
NO. The homestay family provides transportation.
  • What if I need to leave school early to fly home?
All students must maintain an excellent attendance record. Students must take final exams when they are scheduled.  Missing a final exam will have serious academic consequences. Calvary Chapel Schools maintains a strict attendance policy with academic penalties for excessive absences. Any exceptions must be requested via email to school administration well in advance of any travel plans. The school retains the right to accommodate those requests or not.
  • I am going to be a senior, may I apply to attend Calvary Chapel Schools?
CCS generally accepts new International Students into the 7th through 11th grades. However, if you will be a senior and attended school in the U. S. this last school year and earned a full year’s credit with an excellent academic record, the school will consider your application. We will review your full records, and any applicable TOEFL or ITEP test scores, and school transcripts before moving forward with the application process. The school may consider the application of a senior coming directly from overseas but that will be on a case by case basis.
  • If I am accepted to Calvary Chapel Schools, when should I arrive to the United States, and come to the campus?

We strongly encourage our international students to arrive in the US and familiarize yourself with our campus, and the surrounding city, at least two weeks before the first day of school, which is in September. Please review the school calendar for specific dates. Keep in mind you are not allowed to enter the US more than 30 days prior to the first day of school.


  • Click HERE for link to COVID-19 Safety Plan

Calvary Chapel Schools welcomes all applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry or gender, who desire a high-quality Christian education.