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Fact Finder Web Sites

Atlapedia - Provides background information on countries.
Ask Jeeves for Kids – Ask questions and find answers. Study tools too!
Ask Dr. Math – Search for information on math concepts (k-12)
Biographies - Search for Biographies
Discovery Channel School – Lots of information on various themes & features
History Channel - Search history events, people, and Today in History
Internet Public Library – Excellent Internet searches from this site
MSN Encarta – Dictionary, thesaurus, and translations
NRDC - National Resources Defense Council  - This group works to protect the wildlife and the environment
Online Encyclopedia – Encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and much more   
PBS - History, Science, and news

Government Sites

Ask a Librarian! – Can’t find the answer? Ask a librarian at the Library of Congress.
CIA World Leaders - Research site for information on world leaders
CIA Library - A collection of CIA documents and reports 
CIA World Factbook - Lots of great information on countries
EPA Marine Debris Abatement - Publications and other resources on marine debris
First Gov - Provides links to variety of Federal Sites
First Ladies  - Complete biographies of all the First Ladies of the US
Library of Congress – One of the most comprehensive libraries of the world
NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration news, links, mission schedules    
NOAA – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration news, weather, research
NOAA Marine Debris Program - Articles and fact sheets about marine debris
Presidents of the U.S. – Find pictures and useful information on each president     
 Selective Service System - It is a requirement for all 18 year old males to register with the selective service within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  This is also a good place to find out about military careers.
States and Capitals – All the information you could want for the 50 states
THOMAS—from the Library of Congress and in the “spirit of Thomas Jefferson”  this website is a valuable gateway to Congress;  including Bills & Legislation, Activity in Congress, Congressional Records, Presidential Nominations, Government Resources and more.
US Department of State - Includes facts about countries of the world
USGS – United States Geological Survey source for science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment


AP Government

AP Economics
AP Literature
AP Spanish
AP Studio Art
AP Art/Euro/World History
Online Research Databases:
These are not available at this time at CCHS, but you can access through a public library site: (use a pink Works Cited Coupon for the websites below)
  • World Book Online (through Orange County Public Library) You must enter your OCPL Library Card Number to gain access.(enter topic in search box or do Advance Search – Back in Time “By Year”)
  • Greenwood Media Databases Online (through Orange County Public Library) You must enter your OCPL Library Card Number to gain access. (browse by “time period” and “region”)
  • Student Resource Center Gold (through Orange County Public Library) You must enter your OCPL Library Card Number to gain access.
  • Ancient and Medieval History Online (through Newport Beach Public Library) You must enter your NBPL Library Card Number to gain access.
Online General "Approved" Websites: (use a yellow Works Cited coupon for the websites below)
  • Eyewitness to History Provides lots of information from the ancient world to the 20th Century.  Search by time period, event or eye witness accounts index.
  • Internet Public Library (Art & Humanities) - Links to excellent art resources
  • Art History Resources on the Web: An excellent guide to sites covering art from a variety of time periods and locales.  It links to major museums and galleries around the world
  • Artchive   -  Interesting site – includes links to museums, analysis on some pieces (Theory & Criticisms), artist information (click on the Mona Lisa), etc. 
  • Artcyclopedia – can browse by artist, movement, title of artwork
  • Olga’s Gallery – artist’s biography and pictures of their works.  If a work states “more” next to it, click on that and it leads you to detailed information about that piece.
  • CGFA - Provides artist's biography and pictures of their works. 
  • Khan Academy - Great analysis of artist's specific pieces.
  • Art Encyclopedia 2013 - Great website.  Too much information to tell you.  One of my favorites.
Online General "Approved" Websites: (use a yellow Works Cited coupon for the websites below)
Art Department 
Digital Photography

Bible Department


English Department

Freshmen English
World Literature

Honors World Literature

World Lit Blog

CCHS Edmodo



American Literature

American Literary Criticism Paper

British Literature

Language Department


Math Department

Algebra I
Algebra II
Science Department



Respectfully Quoted - Quotes from the Congressional Research Service
Fasttrack to America's Past - Famous Quotes of Americans

Libraries* Requires Library Card for Database Access

California State Library – Everything California
Internet Public Library – The first public library on the Internet
Library of Congress – Our national library hosting many treasures online


Library of Congress Map Collection – Provides maps of discovery, exploration, American Revolution, Civil War, railroads, cities, towns, and more
MapQuest learn how to get from here to there? MapQuest will tell you. 


Christian Science Monitor

Los Angeles Times

New York Times

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

Washington Times

Orange County Register

Daily Pilot Huntington Beach Independent