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Library Policies

Library Hours

Monday – Friday   7:30 AM – 4:00 PM/Early Close Friday at 3:20 PM

Closed Fridays from 9:15– 10:45 AM (during Joyful Life Studies), weekends, school holidays, and summer vacation.  (Hours may occasionally vary due to school schedules)


Check-Out Privileges

Students in 9th – 12th grades may check out four books at a time. Books are checked-out for a period of two weeks and may be renewed as long as there has not been a request placed on the book. Due dates are stamped on the bookmark receipt and students are responsible for knowing when their books are due and returning their books on time.


Overdue Fines

Fines are 10 cents per book per day. A student with overdue books or outstanding fines may not be allowed to check out any additional materials until all fines have been paid. 


Lost or Damaged Materials                          

Students are to notify the librarian of any lost materials immediately. Upon determination that materials are truly lost, student will be notified of the replacement fee of the lost materials. If the materials are found and returned within a reasonable amount of time, the replacement fee will be returned. If materials are damaged while checked-out to a student the librarian will determine the amount of damage and determine the fee. If a student notices damages to any materials before checkout he/she must notify the librarian in order to avoid possible fees. Students owing fees for lost or damaged materials may not check out additional materials until all fees have been paid.


Library Conduct

All library visitors are expected to be respectful of both people and materials at all times. Our library is used for a variety of activities: reading, studying, tutoring, testing, class projects, research, as well as computer activity. It is important to keep talking and noise at an acceptably low level to respect other library users. Access to the library may be limited or withheld at the librarian’s discretion to any student whose behavior is unacceptable while using the library.



Library computers are to be used for education and research for school-related assignments only. Each student must show their student ID card to the librarian before being assigned to a computer. Students wishing to save their computer work need to provide their own USB flash drive, as school computers are not intended to store students’ work. Students are not allowed to connect their own computers to the library provided Internet service. Any tampering with the library computers, including changing settings, screensavers, backgrounds, files, or hardware, will result in disciplinary action. Students choosing to use the library computers for purposes other than school related assignments could have their library computer privileges revoked. Computer printed pages are available at 10 cents per page (black ink only). Students should always preview their work to avoid printing unwanted pages. Printed pages must be paid for when they are printed.



Photocopies are available in the library at 10 cents per copy (black ink only). Students making personal copies or replacement copies of handouts from teachers must pay 10 cents per copy. Copies must be paid for when made so students need to bring money with them to the library. Since students are charged for all copies they make, they need to ask for assistance if they are not sure how to use the photocopier.