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International Space Station Program (ISSP)

We are happy to announce Manuel Beltran as the Chief Mentor of our International Space Station Program (ISSP). This unique program enables our students to design, build and program scientific experiments that are launched to the International Space Station via a SpaceX Rocket. Astronauts download data to our students for analysis, conclusions and as a basis for future research. Our High School students will be able to join this program beginning in the fall of 2020, and they will launch their first experiment in the Spring of 2021. We will have associated programs in our elementary and junior high schools as well.This represents a quantum leap in our Applied Math, Science & Engineering (AMSE) Initiative.


Mr. Beltran is a distinguished Associate Tech Fellow and Chief Software Architect for Boeing AvionX in Long Beach California.  His career spans 30 years of working with cutting edge technologies across a wide range of aerospace programs in space vehicles, military ground vehicles, robotics, high energy lasers, fighter jets, and commercial airplanes.


As a Boeing Tech Fellow, Inventor, and Boeing Designated Expert in Embedded Systems, Software Architecture, and Network Technology, Manuel is frequently called on to solve some of Boeing’s biggest challenges.  From applying Artificial Intelligence for Space Shuttle launch processing to integrating robots on the factory floor of the new 777X, Manuel has been involved with some of the coolest projects in history.  Besides his patents in space-based defense systems, Manuel invented the first all-digital In-Flight Entertainment System, and has patents on portable media devices predating the iPhone.


Manuel graduated with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science in 1989 from Cal Poly Pomona.  Manuel has received numerous awards, including Cal Poly Pomona Aerospace Engineering Outstanding Alumnus of Year 2019, HENAAC Luminary Award 2018, Boeing N&TS Engineer of Year 2011, Boeing Associate Tech Fellow 2011. 


Manuel has graduated three children from Calvary Chapel Schools, and he is a faithful server in our church. We are thankful to Manuel for volunteering to launch this game-changing program right here at Calvary Chapel Schools. 


Please contact Mr. Beltran at [email protected] for more information.

2020-2021 ISSP Team Stats
  1. We are a student-led program partnering with NASA to send our graphene experiment into space for astronauts to test on the International Space Station.
  2. Our regulations team has met our first deadline for a preliminary safety input and our communications team has completed a writeup about our experiment, which I have attached to this email.
  3. The launch date for the SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket carrying our experiment is March 12th at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
  4. Please pray for the process to go as smoothly as possible and that we will be able to launch on March 12th without complications!
  5. Our team members are: Alize Garcia, Andrew Lusk, Bridget Axe, Elizabeth Mui, Emilie East, Emma Nguyen, Ezekiel Ampe, Isaac Pyle, Jude Arant, Kaelen Frantz, Luke Bove, Max Fong, Paul Leung, Spencer Nguyen, and Tyler Lavoie.
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Manuel Beltran

Associate Tech Fellow

The Boeing Company