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CCHS Athletics Vision

Our vision for athletics is an extension of our vision for our school, we want to build tomorrow's Christian leaders today! The arena of athletics provides one of the best avenues for the development of character and the building of leadership all the while having a great time playing in a sport. In CCHS sports, every person is valued, daily growth is our goal, healthy collaboration is fostered, athletes exercise leadership, and our greatest desire is to bring glory to God. 


We believe winning is not just about the scoreboard. It is about learning how to work hard, be part of a team, and be physically fit. These are lifelong benefits from being a part of sports. Experiencing the joy of victory and the lessons of defeat are also a major part of our growth experience. Our coaches and the rest of our staff are committed to give our students the best opportunity to be successful on the court and in life. We want a culture where our athletes are giving their best, enjoying the sport, and glorifying God.