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5 Reasons to Join CCHS Book Club


1) You get a chance to talk about books. This point might be a little obvious. But think about all those books that you couldn't put down and accidentally read it in a day. Didn't you want to shout at the top of your lungs because the book was so good? In CCHS Book Club, you are able to share your literary rants with the rest of the club and we will listen indefinitely. 

2) You read books you would never read otherwise. You might love YA (Young Adult) fiction, the other member might love the classics, and the other quiet member might love sci-fi. CCHS Book Club makes it possible to read each type of genre! 

3) You'll find emotional support. Each member of CCHS Book Club loves books. We all absolutely love books. But we acknowledge that books can be an emotional roller-coaster. Every book lover has dealt with the despair of losing a favorite character or witnessing a fictional couple split up even though they could have made it work. Joining CCHS Book Club, all members will offer emotional support in your time of need. 

4) Force other people to read your favorite books.  It can be a struggle to get your friends to read your favorite book. Although you might be head over heels about a particular book, your close friends might not be interested. However, CCHS Book Club is different! Each month, we as a club read a member's favorite book!

5) It's Fun! Reading is fun. Talking about reading is fun. Talking about reading while eating lunch is fun. CCHS Book Club is the ideal excuse to schedule some time in your life to focus on books and friends. 


If I persuaded you with my points up above, stop by the High School Library on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at lunchtime. Join in on the fun!


President: Keilah Garcia

Vice President: Rochel Go


Contact Mrs. Miller at: paula.miller@calvaryschools.org