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President's Club

Mission and Motto

"Be shepherds of God's flock, the believers who are under your care. Serve as their leaders. Don't serve them because you have to. Instead, do it because you want to. That's what God wants you to do. Don't do it because you want to get more and more money. Do it because you really want to serve." 1 Peter 5:2

Quick Facts
President's Club is designed for every President of every club. They meet once a month to pray over their upcoming events, work together on an event for the entire school, schedule their events and activities and just take the time to relax with other student leaders.

How Can I Join?

Membership is based on either being a president, ministry leader, and or student director for a current CCHS club or ministry

Contact Info:
Email: brittany.marano@calvaryschools.org