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Concert Choir Club

Calvary Chapel High School
Concert Choir Club
Starting Feb 19th, 2018

The CCHS Concert Choir is a Christ-centered, extracurricular high school choral ensemble seeking to worship God through musical excellence and loving community. We believe that the emotional and spiritual qualities of ensemble singing, with its community, discipline, and vocal harmony, is a unique image of the body of Christ. To the best of his or her ability, each student is expected to uniquely engage with this image emotionally, relationally, and intellectually to create one cohesive ensemble.

Students become better musicians singing in The Choir. Sight-reading is an expectation and is taught through an integrated education of music fundamentals and intermediate aural skills. We DO NOT teach the notes as we learn our repertoire. Rather, the students learn how to hear the notes by looking at the page. Beyond the mental benefits of this intellectual exercise, the pursuit of this discipline results in an understanding of music that lasts a lifetime.

In the midst of this teaching process, we rehearse a repertoire of several pieces of music to sing at a performance at the end of each semester. Beyond just learning how to work out the technical facets involved in singing a choir song, such as intonation, rhythmic integrity, vocal blend, vowel shape, diction, dynamics, etc., the more profound and unique purpose is the holistic intellectual, emotional, and spiritual engagement of communal worship.

Colson Barkley is a graduate of the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and a freelance vocalist in Orange County. He was an auditioned member of the Pacific Chorale at Segerstrom and is currently a tenor for Mixed Company’s Handbell Carolers, the choice Christmas Carolers at Disneyland. Mr. Barkley is passionate about the integration of faith and learning and hopes to share his love for choral music alongside his trust in God.

Rehearsals will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:45 at Calvary Chapel High School Santa Ana. We will not rehearse on holidays in conjunction with the schedule at CCHS.

We need at least 25 members to get the choir started! If you’re interested in joining next semester (Feb 5th), email us at colson.barkley@gmail.com or CCHS students can sign an interest list in the school office. Come to an interest meeting on January 18th in the CCHS Drama room if you want to know more!