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Welcome to CCHS Clubs and Organizations!


School should be fun.


Yes, we need to learn the 3R’s and pursue our dreams of becoming excellent members of society for generations to come. But, high school should be fun.


The high school memories that will be imprinted on yearbook pages, saved on our social media accounts and forever filed into our memories are those of homecomings, formals, pep rallies, spirit weeks and lunchtime activities. Celebrating each of these activities with the friends we have made, who start to feel less like friends and more like family.


As an alumna of CCHS, school events were the talk of the lunch tables and a huge part of my social calendar. It is my desire to keep that tradition. With the leadership model that Jesus set for us when He walked this earth. As He said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, I know them… and they Follow Me.” Follow ME. When our student leaders follow Christ and then other students follow them, the love of Christ is permeated in every aspect and event of our school.


With over 14 clubs and ministries to join, a year of events to be a part of, and school activities to participate in my hope is that every student finds the fun at CCHS. Because at CCHS… School IS fun.


Kelly Rodriguez

Vice Principal

Victory Through Christ; Disciples For Life





Want to Start a Club at CCHS?

Do you have a passion for sports? art? rock climbing? helping the homeless? ASB is now accepting club/ministry applications, for any clubs that do not conflict with current CCHS clubs/ ministries. Please refer to the list of the current CCHS clubs and ministries to the right.


If your club/ ministry idea does contend with any current clubs, please download the Club Application below and fill out all the necessary information. Once you are finished, drop it off in the High School and ASB will begin the process in issuing you a charter.